Health Advisor FAQ

What types of tests can I find on health Advisor?

You will find that Health Advisor covers a variety of topics: from psychiatry to cardiovascular disorders, and from rheumatology to nutrition and well-being. The tests available are all scientifically validated and used by doctors in a clinical setting. Health Advisor offers the general public and healthcare professionals an easy access to these tests.
. Please note these tests alone cannot constitute a full diagnosis. Always talk to your doctor or pharmacist about any questions you may have regarding your symptoms.

Why do self-measurement tests?

Self-assessment tests have long been used by patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension or diabetes. They provide numerical data on risk factors, on the severity of a disease as well as on the impact of symptoms on the quality of life.
Self-monitoring is one of the first steps towards better understanding your personal health.

Why should I monitor my personal health?

Our platform integrates a self-follow up tool allowing to track the evolution of the scores within time. This tool is supported by a diary in which patients are able to write down any particular event linked to the day the test is performed, for instance, if it is the beginning of an analgesic treatment.
Measuring one’s own health or getting to know oneself through data is deciding to pay attention to oneself physically and psychologically within time. Seeing your BMI curve decline or cardiovascular risks diminishing is a great reward that one can offer to their own self.

Who are these tests for?

For everyone, self-monitoring tests for you and your loved ones: you can do self-measurement tests and create profiles for your loved ones.
From the evaluation of the addictions of teenagers to the nutritional state of seniors, we have gathered up a full panel of tools for self-quantification intended for the entire family.

User guide

Getting started!

Nothing easier: just register yourself and choose between the different categories, the test that you would like to take. Answer the questions, add, if you wish, some comments on your diary and obtain your score and its interpretation.

How many tests can I take?

There is no limit, you can complete as many tests as you wish!

How to use the «Tracking» feature

To access the self-monitoring tool, click on the “Follow up” tab of the menu. For each test taken, you will be able to see your previous scores and your diary.
To update your follow-up, click on the corresponding button on the top right; you will be able to redo the test and your new score will registered.

I would like to create profiles for my relatives

We have developed a platform with the families in mind. It is therefore possible to register yourself and also create new profiles for your loved ones. For that, select the tab “My profiles” on the menu, click on the button “add” on the bottom left and define a new profile. You will be able, for each test, to choose If you complete it for yourself or on the behalf of your loved one.
Be careful, the tests do not allow comparison between individuals, they are only valid for comparison over time for the same person.

Why are certain tests exclusive to healthcare professionals?

There is not a set of questions that will be able to give a final diagnostic; however, for certain tests, their completion and their interpretation need medical expertise and are thus restricted for healthcare professionals. The tests present in healthadvisor could be used as a basis of discussion with your doctor but they cannot be used as a diagnostic tools.
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