Ruffier Functional Test

Ruffier test is commonly used to assess one’s ability to practice a physical activity. The test involves the measurement of the pulse before and after a short exercise of moderate intensity. The lower the Ruffier index is, the better the recovery is after physical exertion.

After 5 minutes of rest:
- Measure your pulse in the sitting position and record the results (P1)
- Do 30 squats in 45 seconds. Measure your pulse immediately after this exercise and record it (P2).
- Rest for a minute. Calm down with deep breaths and measure your pulse for 15 seconds. Record it (P3).

Source :
Dickson, J. (1950). « Utilisation de l'indice cardiaque de Ruffier dans le contrÔle médico-sportif », Med. Educ. Phys. Sport, 2, 65.

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